Partsam 7444NA 7443 Switchback LED Bulbs 54LED Amber Blue Front Turn Signal Light + T10 921 192 Backup Reverse Parking Lights 10LED + 50W-6Ohm Load Resistors (Pack of 12)

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Partsam is one of the largest automotive aftermarket LED lights providers in North America.Customers speak highly of our LED SMD/Cree/Epistar lights thanks to our continuous efforts. In the past years, we were devoted to improving our marker quality, expanding our marker types, adopting the latest technology, delivering the best LED lights for our customers and making them enjoy the best ever shopping experience.

Partsam offers an extensive line of high quality lights for car, truck, trailer, boat, bus, lorry, van, caravan, camper, RV, etc.

You can find all the position lights and accessories you need in Partsam!

Partsam product always inspected every single light bulbs before sending to you, to ensure you have the best quality product, and the best value.


Feature Of Partsam LED light bulbs:

  • New generation of High Power LEDs, with Industry Leading Performance and Reliabiliby
  • Luminance Efficacy improved and Cost Efficiency lower
  • Environmental-friendly: energy saving, no UV and IR radiation, shock-proof and anti-corrosion.
  • Made by high quality aluminum alloy housing can + virtually unbreakable PMMA Lens. Aluminum alloy shell acts as radiant heat sink, ensure the secure temperature range.
  • Easy installation, just plug & play
  • Application:Front Turn Signal Light

Feature Of Partsam Load Resistor:

  • These 6 Ohm, 50 Watt resistors can be connected across the turn signal bulbs to simulate the load of a regular filament bulb.
  • Solution for "bulb out signal" / "OBC error message" after installing SMD LED light bulb
  • Solution for fast turn signal blinking response after installing SMD LED light bulb
  • Installation is easy. Just connect the wires with the Splice taps provided and no wire cuting is necessary


7443 Blue Amber LED light bulbs:

  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Light Color: Amber / Blue
  • Led Type:54pcs 4014-SMD Chip
  • Voltage: 12V -24V DC
  • Wattage:35W
T10 Cree chip LED light bulbs:
  • Color: 6000K White
  • LED Type: 10pc CREE XB-D 
  • Power: 50W
  • Actual Lumen: 630LM
  • Dimension: 43.2mm Length, 12.5mm diameter
  • Housing Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Lens: Virtually Unbreakable PMMA Lens

Cross Reference: 7440  7440A  7443  7444NA  7505  992  W21W  T20,159,259,555,555-B,555-G,555-R,555-Y,147,2821,1236X,2825,1210X,1211X,558,192,1250X,1250X-2,1250X-5,3652,658,161,158,194,PC194,194LL,194A,194B,194R,194NA,124,1440X,1450X,2841-BULK,2450X,2470X,2475X-1,2410X-1,585,656,657,400,464,655,2860X,168,175,175L,2825LL,2825ST,2825L,12961,1157(BAY15D),1157A,7528,2357,2357A,2057A,2057,3496,1016,1034,1142,1152,1154,1158,1178A,1196,2057A,2357NA,P21/5W

Package include:

  • 6x Blue Amber Light Bulbs
  • 6x Xenon White Cree Light Bulbs
  • 6x Load resistors

Important Notice:

Blue Bulbs is just for off-road use,it may be illegal in some countries,please check your local laws and regulations before Purchasing!

How 7443 Switchback light Works (check the gif animation):

  • Parking / DRL on: Blue light only
  • Turn Signal on: Amber-Off-Amber-Off 

Hyper Flash?

  • If the LED Bulb hyper flash, wire a 6 ohm load resistor between Turn Signal Positive and Ground Negative. (Wether it requires load resistor is determined by your car circuit)
  • Load Resistors heat up like lightbulbs and get really HOT when working. Mount them on metal surface, NOT plastic.
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