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MaxAuto 2 Pcs 13X5.00-6 Turf Tires for Lawn Mower 4PR Tubeless

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MaxAuto Tire is an All-Terrain, Utility tire for the rider who needs size, strength and an aggressive tread design; The 4-ply rated construction offers extra strength and durability in the toughest conditions and the deep, heavy tread design provides excellent traction in many different types of terrain.

1.Brand: MaxAuto
2.Size: 13X5-6
3.Pattern Model: P607
4.Tire Type: Lawn &Garden Tire
5.Tire Material: Rubber
6.Ply Rating: 4PR
7.Section Width(mm): 123
8.Rim Width(in): 3.5
9.Overall Diameter(mm): 323
10.Max PSI: 40
11.Load Index(lbs): 440
12.Tire Color: Black
13.Tyre Type: Tubeless
14.Warranty: 2 Year
15.Tire Load Range: B
16.Speed Rating: A3

--Tires ONLY, rims not included
--Easy to install and easy to use
--Act as a spare or replacement of the broken one
--A perfect combination of premium rubber material and sophisticated workmanship
--Non-directional tread pattern
--Can be used in any type of cross country terrain
--Dynamic tread pattern provides exceptional traction
--Speccificially manufactured for Grand National Cross Country(GNCC)

Package Included: 
2 x 13X5-6/4PR/Lawn &Garden Tire

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